Class of 2019 Graduation

Our living campaign, The Corvus Conspiracy, will be finishing with a grand finale at GenghisCon 2019. Watch this space for more details and thank you all for going on this amazing journey with us.


Part Four : The Storm

It’s just two weeks until Genghis Con. We will be playing part four of The Corvus Conspiracy: The Storm. This is the game description :

“You are part of a select group of students who have been recruited to fight an ancient evil named Black Feather. East Texas University and its home town of Pinebox are battening down the hatches because a massive storm is predicted to be coming through the area. As you are preparing, you meet a set of identical twins warning you that Black Feather intends to use the storm as cover to obtain for a powerful artifact to use in his quest to regain power over the world.

Fight to survive and weather the storm the while you race to find the artifact before Black Feather’s minions.”

We will also be running a special ‘remedial class’ session of part three for though who missed it. Please see Tabletop Events to register.

GenghisCon 2017

Our games have been submitted for GenghisCon 2017! Part four of The Corvus Conspiracy will be run for four slots : Thursday at 7PM, Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 2PM.

We also are running a special ‘remedial class’ of part three at 9AM on Saturday morning for anyone who didn’t get a chance to play at TaticCon and wants to catch up.

Visit Tabletop Events (registration required for new users) to sign up today!

Remedial Class for Part Three

We know that a number of people were not able to make TactiCon due to the venue change and did not get a chance to play in part three of The Corvus Conspiracy. So, as we gear up for GenghisCon 2017, we’re looking to run a ‘remedial class’ session to help catch people up. We’d like to know, what is the best day/time to run that game? See our poll on the RMS forum or answer in the comments below. The main options are Thursday at 7PM, Friday at 9AM or Friday at 2PM. Let us know so we can submit our games!

TactiCon 2016 Registration

Registration for TactiCon is available! Go to MSTB Gaming to view games and sign up (you will have to create a log-in if this is your first time using the site). We have 3 games this time around, Friday at 7PM, Saturday at 2PM and Sunday at 2PM. Just a reminder, TactiCon will be in Colorado Springs this year at the Hotel Elegante Conference and Event Center. Details can be found at TactiCon’s Website.