Genghis Con ’16 Thank you

Thank you to everyone who came to play with us at Genghis Con! We had almost 30 students this time around, with a number of them bringing their own character. Keep on eye on this page for more information about future events including TactiCon 2016 as well as tips and tricks for making the most out of your ETU experience!


Pinnacle comes to Genghis Con!

Just in case you needed another reason to come to Genghis Con, if you do, you’ll have a chance to meet many of Pinnacle Entertainment Groups luminaries, such as Jodi & Clint Black, Shane Hensely, and others. We even got a nod on their announcement page. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Part Two of The Corvus Conspiracy: The Replacers

For Genghis Con 2016 we will be playing Part Two of The Corvus Conspiracy: The Replacers.
“You are part of a select group of students who have been recruited to fight an ancient evil named Black Feather. Your mentor, Dr. Sarah Bluecorn warns you that Black Feather is trying to replace important people on the East Texas University campus and the surrounding town of Pinebox in order to spy against his enemies and slowly rebuild his power. It’s your job to figure out his next target and stop that person from being replaced. Keep your wits about you and be careful who you trust, or you might be the next to be replaced!”
This adventure is part 2 of an 8 part ETU event: The Corvus Conspiracy. Characters will be available, but players are encouraged to bring their own Freshman characters with 15 xp/3 advances. Players 16+ recommended due to horror elements and potential for mature situations. Questions can be sent to and see for more information.
Remember to visit to view games and sign up (you will have to create a log-in if this is your first time using the site).

Registration for Genghis Con 2016

Registration for Genghis Con is now live! Go to to view games and sign up (you will have to create a log-in if this is your first time using the site). Games are Thursday at 7 PM, Friday at 7 PM, Saturday at 7 PM (Savage Saturday Night!) and Sunday at 2 PM.

As  always, email with any questions, comments or concerns.

Can’t wait to see you there!


Podcast Shout-out

As mentioned in our previous post, one of our players on Savage Saturday Night at Tacticon was Phil Vecchione from Encoded Designs. He does a gaming podcast with Chris Sniezak, hosted by Misdirected Mark Productions. This week’s topic was ‘The Weird’ and how to effectively incorporate it into your games. Our ETU game gets a shout out at around the 55 minute mark as an example of how to build tension while introducing the weird and differentiating it from the status quo of the game world. It’s a great show and we encourage you to give it a listen. Follow this link to show them some love.

Although we have a few months until our next big convention, keep an eye on this site for other convention appearances as well as sneak peaks at storyline, prizes and more.