Just What Is This?

ETU – Class of 2019: The Corvus Conspiracy is tabletop role-playing game using Pinnacle‘s Savage Worlds rules and more specifically its East Texas University setting. It will feature an 8 part story arc covering 4 years of conventions in the Denver, CO area, starting with TactiCon 2015. The story will incorporate aspects of Native American history, myth and legend with the history of fictional Pinebox, TX to add up to plenty of mystery, wonder and horror.

This will be a living campaign, meaning that players will be encouraged to make and advance their own characters for playing in multiple games. Point levels will be included in the description for each game so new players can level their characters appropriately if they do not play from the beginning. Each scenario will also start with a summary of the previous scenarios so new people can keep up on the plot. Each convention will feature one part of the story, run 3-4 times so many people should have a chance to play.

ETU – Class of 2019 is being sponsored by the Rocky Mountain Savages group and I want to thank them for their help and support in getting my crazy idea going. Check back on this site periodically for more news as things develop.



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